Today, your prospects and clients have a wealth of choices and immediate access to all kinds of information that will help them make that choice.  

The question is how do you get them to choose YOU?

You do that by making it very clear why you are the only choice for them.

You do that by thoughtfully building a relationship and establishing trust.

And . . . you do that by thinking like a farmer.   

Yes, marketing your business is a lot like farming.

Here's how:





Long before a farmer begins to plant, he or she must develop a plan. Without one, the farmer is just randomly throwing a bunch of seeds throughout the fields -- not the best technique if a flourishing harvest is the desired goal.  

The same goes for marketing.

To make the most of your resources, you need a plan that you can easily maintain and that will give you the results you need to grow your business year after year.   

Planning includes:

  • determining your ideal future client, 
  • understanding their unique pain points and challenges, and
  • effectively communicating how you can solve them. 

You'll need to develop the most effective marketing messages and the most productive activities to ensure your target market knows about the products or services you offer, and why you are not like anyone else. 

Your plan doesn't need to be complicated nor expensive, it just needs to get you focused on the most effective and efficient ways to grow your business!

Keep in mind that companies that plan, grow 30% faster than those who don't.  





When you have finished planning the best way to market your business, it is time to begin to plant the seeds. This means getting in front of your prospects and into their hearts and minds as regularly as possible.  You want to get on their radar screens, and create awareness about your business. 

Seeding your business could mean:

  • upgrading your website and giving it a facelift, 
  • developing new content such as a blog or e-newsletter, 
  • adhering to an editorial calendar,
  • sending out newsworthy press releases, 
  • getting in front of your ideal clients at speaking engagements, 
  • inviting prospects and existing clients to lunch & learns or online webinars, 
  • increasing social media efforts on the platforms that are best for you,
  • launching a referral program, etc. 

Just as every business is unique, so should the plan and activities. The marketing tactics developed in your plan, will begin to plant the idea with your prospects of what you do and how you can help them in ways that your competition cannot.





This is the step where many people give up: don’t do it! Your efforts will pay off soon.

At this point, you want to prove that your business is trustworthy by being consistent over time. Continue to add water, sun and nutrients in the form of information, follow-up and responsiveness to inquiries. 

Building a healthy and fruitful business, requires nurturing your prospects until the seeds begin to sprout. 

As in farming, building trust and relationships requires consistency, effort and dedication.  It's a process and takes time.  You need to spend time engaging your ideal clients with: 

  • your robust content
  • your expertise and thought-leadership, and
  • other educational, informational resources.

Most importantly, you need to have continuous touch points with your ideal clients and to stay top of mind so that you will be the person they turn to when they need someone who does exactly what you do.  

When you follow these steps, you are sure to produce a new crop of clients and grow your existing ones! 

Now let's get your business growing! 

About BVG Marketing

By the Hour or by the Project

A Sample of My Marketing Services

A Sample of My Marketing Services

BVG Marketing was founded by Barbara Van Gorder (BVG) -- a strategic and results-focused marketing and communications professional with 20 years of experience in both B2B & B2G.  I can help you grow your business through projects in Strategic Marketing Planning & Execution, External & Internal Communications, Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Public Relations . . . and more.  I am a creative thinker with a comprehensive background in planning highly-effective, growth-focused campaigns.

A Sample of My Marketing Services

A Sample of My Marketing Services

A Sample of My Marketing Services

  • Powerful Market Research
  • Effective Business Marketing Plans
  • Purposeful Web Architecture & Content
  • Informative White Papers
  • Engaging Digital Newsletters
  • Attention-Getting PR
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Compelling Blog Posts 

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

"I am the decision maker for advertising for our company.  I spoke to several PR organizations but just did not feel that were a great fit. It literally took one week for BVG Marketing to get us featured on the local evening news.  The responses from friends, family and potential clients has been amazing.  I highly recommend BVG Marketing to companies that would like to stand out and get noticed." -- Ashley Ivey Askew, Owner, In the Nick of Time: The Elite Mobile Salon & Spa

"Barbara's marketing leadership brought creative ideas and approaches to meeting our communications challenges.  She always thinks through problems and looks for cost-effective solutions." -- Tom Lydon, Sr. VP, Corporate Development, Vistronix Intelligence & Technology Solutions

"Barbara is an outstanding marketing executive and strategic thinker who does an exceptional job balancing the creativity needed to develop effective, value-creating marketing campaigns, and the results focus needed to make the business decisions with the strongest long-term ROI." -- Kevin Burns, Sr. VP, Content Solutions, Cenveo

Just the FAQs

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

How extensive is your marketing experience?

I have in-depth strategic marketing experience overseeing the planning, development and execution of organizations' marketing strategies, brand development and all internal and external communications.

What are some companies with which you have worked?

Fahmy & Associates, Storm Guard of Chantilly, American Executive Transportation, ASRC Federal, Vistronix, Apex CoVantage, PEPCO, Consumer Federation of America, National Retail Federation, PBS Business and Equals Three Communications.

What is your MarCom philosophy for success?

At its core, MarCom is the process of creating and executing an integrated marketing plan that serves as a roadmap on how best to get your unique message to the right people at the right time. The first step to achieving this outcome, along with a positive ROI, should be conducting market research to gain an impartial and professional view of your organization, your marketplace and your competition. 


Why Market Research is Important

  • Market research tells you what is most important to your customers to help you prioritize marketing strategies in the pursuit of the most lucrative growth opportunities for your unique business.  
  • With effective market research, you gain invaluable information about your customers, competitors, buying patterns, demographics, and the current market trends.
  • Learning more about your customers, your competitors and your industry helps you understand which products and services are in demand and how to be more competitive in the marketplace, while providing valuable insight that helps you reduce business risks, spot current and upcoming trends in your industry, and identify opportunities and gaps that you can successfully fill. 
  • Armed with this insightful information about your market, product, audience, competition and more (depending on the direction of your research) -- you can make decisions and establish a strategic marketing plan that is based on actual facts, rather than on feelings or assumptions. 
  • The results provide you with greater clarity and confidence in optimizing your brand strategy choices and minimizing your risk for failure, all while establishing a baseline to track and take advantage of today's important marketing metrics.    

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